Topology optimization software based on Bi-directional Evolutionary Structural optimization (BESO) technology.

High speed finite element analysis and topology optimization based on cloud technologies.

Using Rhino-Grasshopper platform in modeling and post-processing. Taking advantage of extensive community plugin resources.

Outstanding computation libraries , Open-source files of preprocessing and postprocessing, Excellent extension capacity, Easily link with external software.

Ameba is a type of single-celled organism capable of changing its shape in different environments.

Based on the Bi-directional Evolutionary Structural Optimization (BESO) technique originally proposed by Professor Yi-Min (Mike) Xie, his team at XIE Technologies has developed a topology optimization software tool called Ameba. The user may, according to design requirements, apply different loading and boundary conditions to the initial design domain. During the computational process by the software, the design domain will evolve, similar to an ameba, into various shapes, and eventually reach an organic form that is structurally efficient.

The team at XIE Technologies is committed to providing an advanced, easily-to-use topology optimization tool, to enable you to enhance your creative designs and accelerate your product development.